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On the eigenvalues of the elastic systems with some symmetries 2008
Contributions to the behavioural study of pneumatically actuated artificial muscles 2008
Robust design of lapping processes 2008
Equipment for magneto-abrasive finishing of roller bearing balls 2008
Precision increasing at ultrasonics aided electrodischarge machining 2008
Influence of mechanically induced birefringence on image quality 2008
Increase of precision and-efficiency of laser cutting by means of optical system optimization 2008
Improvement of technological parameters at surface finishing through laser beam machining 2008
The experimental determining of the dynamic dimensional control about the measuring precision 2008
Advantages achieved by the implementation of QMS in a Romanian pharmaceutical organisation 2008
The women entrepreneurship in Romania 2008
Study regarding innovation and entrepreneurship in Romanian SMEs 2008
Vortex pinning behaviour in MgB(2) bulk samples obtained by electric-field assisted sintering 2008
The virtual instrumentation in the automatic dimensional control process optimisation 2008
The new approach of strategic planning in the Romanian small and medium size enterprises 2008
Management for productivity in SMEs and entrepreneurship activity 2008
The impact of IT advance of SMEs' for the Romanian economy 2008
The influence of different PVD coatings techniques on cutting forces in a drilling process 2008
Aspects about the kinetics and thermodynamic transformation of a special SG Cast Iron 2008
Mechanical behaviour of 3-phase polymeric composites subjected to static loading conditions 2008
Experimental methods used for manufacturing high quality alpha-quartz monocrystals 2008
Some aspects regading the recycling of advanced fibers reinforced polymer matrix composites 2008
Compressive residual stresses effect on fatigue life of rolling bearings 2008
Improved self-compacting concrete mixes for precast concrete industry 2008
Fiber Optic Mechanical Sensor Based on a Triangular-lattice Photonic Crystal 2008
On the design of a medical implant used for osteosynthesis of the transsindesmotic fibular fracture - Part I: Ankle joint and fibular bone 3D model by tomographic slices 2008
On the design of a medical implant used for osteosynthesis of the transsindesmotic fibular fracture - Part II: The locking orthopedic plate 2008
On the design of the analitycal ankle-foot model used to determine dynamic parameters during locomotion 2008
An effective software solution for planning and scheduling 2008
PIT method for obtaining of MgB(2) wires with SiC powder added 2008
PANi - TiO(2) nanostructures for fuel cell and sensor applications 2008
On the structural characteristics of thermally oxidized CdO thin films 2008
Study of structure and optical properties of CdSe thin films 2008
Dye-sensitized solar cells based on nanocrystalline TiO(2) and natural pigments 2008
Class A small area solar simulator for dye-sensitized solar cell testing 2008
Optical spectroscopy and thermoluminescence of electrolytically colored KCl:Tl(+) crystals 2008
Picosecond laser system based on microchip oscillator 2008
Structural and optical characteristics of some bismuthate glass with rare earth ions 2008
Nanostructured PZT type thin films prepared by thermonic vacuum arc method 2008
Effects of proton irradiation on CdTe thin films used in photovoltaic applications 2008
Structural and morphological properties of NiCu magnetic thin films 2008
Mathematical model for uniform huge grains growth (from the polycrystalline systems to the monocrystals) 2008
Copolymer architectures containing donor and acceptor units for blue light-emitting diodes 2008
Two-dimensional infrared correlation spectroscopic studies of polymer blends: conformational changes and specific interactions in polytetrahydrofuran / cholesteryl palmitate blends 2008
A way to increase the critical current in high temperature superconductors: neutron irradiation 2008
Results on series and shunt resistances in a c-Si PV cell. Comparison using existing methods and a new one 2008
Luminescence tuning of Si/SiO(2) nanoparticles in aqueous solutions 2008
Structural modifications induced on the Coal Tar Pitch by addition of nanotubes and nanoflibers 2008
Antiferroelectric-like behavior in polycrystalline Pb(Zr(0.2)Ti(0.8))O(3)-BiFeO(3) multilayers prepared by sol-gel method 2008
Processing and Characterization of Spherical Alumina Pellets Coated with BaTiO(3) and Li(0.10)Ti(0.02)Ni(0.88)O Dielectric Materials 2008

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