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Thermal behaviour study of some sol-gel TiO2 based materials 2008
The effects of thermal treatments on microwave dielectric properties of Ba(Zn1/3Ta2/3.)O-3 ceramics 2008
Modelling of ring yarn unevenness by soft computing approach 2008
Analysis of soil heavy metal pollution and pattern in central Transylvania 2008
Nonlinear optical effects in new alkynyl-ruthenium containing nanocomposites 2008
Structural investigations of some Bi2O3 based glasses 2008
The suitability of DSC method for damage assessment and certification of historical leathers and parchments 2008
Gamma-irradiated ExtraVit M nutritive supplement studied by electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy 2008
Dust ion acoustic solitons in a dusty plasma with positive and negative ions 2008
Metal-induced changes of amyloid proteins associated with neurodegenerative diseases 2008
Assurance of the traceability chain for I-131 measurement 2008
Metal ion binding to peptides involved in the neurodegenerative diseases: a model metal-peptide complex 2008
Obtaining of phtalocyaninic dyes using solvothermal methods 2008
Protective role of cystine against the radiotoxic cations within several germination experiments 2008
Platinum species in the pores of NaX, NaY and NaA zeolites studied using EPR, XAS and FTIR spectroscopies 2008
Water-methanol mixtures: topology of hydrogen bonded network 2008
Mechanistic aspects of ligand exchange in Au nanoparticles 2008
Photo-degradation of yperite over V, Fe and Mn-doped titania- silica photocatalysts 2008
Kinetic modelling of As(V) separation by dissolved air flotation 2008
Authentication of the ancient easel paintings through materials identification from the polychrome layers - II. Analysis by means of the FT-IR spectrophotometry 2008
Antioxidant activity of polyphenols from Sea buckthorn fruits (Hippophae rhamnoides) 2008
Synthesis and biological evaluation of various new substituted 1,3,4-oxadiazole-2-thiols 2008
Formation of organobrominated compounds in the presence of bromide under simulated atmospheric aerosol conditions 2008
Preliminary tests for grafting p-nitrophenyl on carbon nanotubes 2008
Contributions to studies concerning the behaviour of Al (III) ion in some biological systems 2008
Intercalation of ketoprofen into Mg-Al hydrotalcites. Synthesis and characterization 2008
Synthesis and characterisation of several di-, tri-, and tetra- radicals linked by flexible or rigid linkers 2008
HRTEM study of nano-TiO2 powder 2008
Condensation of alkylazulenes with thiophene-2-carboxaldehyde and the corresponding azomethines 2008
Aromatic molecular zones and fragments 2008
New shells for magnetic nanoparticles based on polypyrrole functionalized with alpha-amino acids 2008
3,5-Dinitro-N-(4 '-benzo-15-crown-5)-benzamide Derivatives. Synthesis and Properties 2008
Electron spin resonance study of puff-resolved free radical formation in mainstream cigarette smoke 2008
Lipase-catalyzed kinetic resolution of 4-aryl- and 4-heteroarylbut-3-en-2-ols 2008
New thienoyl-substituted pyrrolo[1,2-c] quinazoline derivatives 2008
Electron paramagnetic resonance of the free radicals in the gas- and particulate phases of cigarette smoke using spin-trapping 2008
CO(2) enhanced carbon nanotube synthesis from pyrolysis of hydrocarbons 2008
Non-hydrolytic synthesis of mesoporous silica-titania catalysts for the mild oxidation of sulfur compounds with hydrogen peroxide 2008
Hypervalent organobismuth(III) carbonate, chalcogenides and halides with the pendant arm ligands 2-(Me2NCH2)C6H4 and 2,6-(Me2NCH2)(2)C6H3 2008
Bis(phosphanylamino) benzene ligands: a zinc(II) complex and an unusual nickel(I) complex with a Dewar-benzene-type Ni2P2N2 backbone 2008
Adsorbtion on cotton/water interface of some anionic surfactant acid dye joint aqueous solutions 2008
[M(III)(bpym)(CN)(4)](-): a suitable building block to design ferrimagnetic cyano-bridged heterobimetallic chains (M = Fe, Cr; bpym=2,2 '-bypyrimidine) 2008
Tungsten phosphanylarylthiolato complexes [W{PhP(2-SC6H4)(2)-kappa S-3,S ',P}(2)] and [W{P(2-SC6H4)(3)-kappa S-4,S ',S '',P}(2)]: Synthesis, structures and redox chemistry 2008
Magnesium phosphates binding systems for immobilizing solvent radioactive wastes 2008
Achieving procedure of a kinetic model to predict the influence of the process global temperature on a technological alcoholic fermentation - II. An arrhenius type kinetic model 2008
Optical properties of Ni/NiO(x) as infiltration agent in cermet solar Ir absorber 2008
Kinetic Investigation of the Corrosion Process by Means of the beta Rays Absorption 2008
Fractal model of the atom in the hydrodynamic approach of scale relativity theory 2008
Intelligent Disease Identification based on Discriminant Analysis of Clinical Data 2008

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