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Modeling the diluted magneto semiconductors (DMS) with results in giant magneto resistance 2008
Some investigations on films of poly(vinyl alcohol) with pendant p-azidobenzoate groups 2008
Sintered fused silica based composites 2008
Higher order statistics in signal processing and nanometric size analysis 2008
About the electromagnetic properties of the Fe-Si-B-Nb-Cu soft magnetic composites 2008
Spectroscopic study of amphotericin B - stigmasteryl trifluoromethylphenyl-carbamate interaction 2008
X-ray structures and pharmacological activities of lidocaine derivatives 2008
FT-IR and Raman spectroscopic studies of xAg(2)O center dot(100-x)[3B(2)O(3)center dot As(2)O(3)] glass system 2008
Critical analysis of the statistical method for the magnetocrystalline anisotropy constants determination of polycrystalline hard magnetic materials 2008
Studies on static and dynamic light scattering properties of water based magnetic fluid 2008
Electrical properties of metallic iron particle reinforced polymeric composite materials 2008
Hard superalloy layers 2008
Rheological behaviour of some magnetic polymer composites 2008
Vinyl ester matrix resins for advanced materials 2008
Photopolarimetric investigations of the anchoring energy strength for a nematic liquid crystal on polyaniline boundary surfaces 2008
A new formula for electrical resonances prediction applied to the stratified resins in high frequency fields 2008
The effect of lanthanide impurities on the physical properties of half-metallic ferromagnet Co(2)MnSi 2008
Structure and magnetic properties of ZnO films doped with Co, Ni or Mn synthesized by pulsed laser deposition under low and high oxygen partial pressures 2008
Porous nanoarchitectures based on TiO2 aerogels and Au particles as potential SERS sensor for monitoring of water quality 2008
Formation of plasma from pure and polymer-doped water ice during intense laser irradiation 2008
Ion density perturbation driven by electromagnetic turbulence and ICRH 2008
Anomalous test particle transport in turbulent MHD fields 2008
Influence of magnetic shear and stochastic electrostatic field on the electron diffusion 2008
On revisited models of L-H transition for tokamak plasmas 2008
On the complex self-organized systems created in laboratory 2008
Order-to-disorder transitions in the dynamics of a biharmonically-perturbed plasma double layer 2008
Some possible analogies in the description of the "classical" plasma and quark-gluon plasma 2008
The influence of an external magnetic field on a "macro" hollow cathode discharge (MHCD) in argon 2008
Some new properties of the micro hollow cathode discharges (MHCD) in xenon 2008
Optical diagnosis of double discharges in pulsed DBD with different barrier materials 2008
The study of the excimer intensity radiation in dielectric barrier discharge of Xe/I(2), mixture at high pressure 2008
Diagnosis and dynamics of low energy electron beams using DIADYN 2008
Acoustic detection of the parametrical resonance effect for a one-component microplasma consisting of the charged microparticles stored in the electrodynamnic traps 2008
Optimization of ion trap geometries and of the signal-to-noise ratio for high resolution spectroscopy 2008
On the density of argon metastables in a cylindrical magnetron discharge 2008
Optical emission spectroscopy diagnostics of a Ni Thermionic Vacuum Arc (TVA) plasma 2008
Secondary electron emission on at Langmuir probe surface 2008
Investigation of radiofrequency plasma jets at low and atmospheric pressure by optical emission spectroscopy 2008
The influence of an auxiliary discharge on the ablation plasma produced by a pulsed electron beam 2008
The influence of the magnetron target state on the mechanical characteristics of hard coatings 2008
Application of dielectric barrier discharge for plasma polymerization processes 2008
Optica and structural properties of polythiophene-like films deposited by plasma polymerization 2008
Surface modifications of polymer induced by atmospheric DBD plasma in different configurations 2008
Varieties of carbon nanostructures obtained by the AC arc discharge method 2008
Fe-catalyzed carbon nanotubes growth on fluidized powders by remote radiofrequency plasma beam 2008
Plasma and laser porcessing of YZT materials for sensor applications 2008
A/N thin film deposition using a radio-frequency beam assisted pulsed laser deposition 2008
Optimum working parameters for the plasma needle used for bacterial deactivation 2008
Mechanical design of the upgraded JET gamma-ray cameras 2008
Super-heated fluid detectors for neutron measurements at JET 2008

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