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Development of polymer nanocomposites as electrolyte membranes 2008
Absorption study of norfloxacin - DNA interaction 2008
Spectroscopic study of hedamycin - DNA interaction 2008
Polyaniline/maleic acid copolymers composites: Synthesis and characterization 2008
Considerations on drying frozen spruce wood and effects upon its properties 2008
Hydrogen storage in carbon-based nanostructured materials 2008
Carbon Nanotubes Grown by RF Heating and Their Morphological and Structural Properties 2008
Divided Wall Distillation Column: Dynamic Modeling And Control 2008
Model Predictive Control of the Waste Water Treatment Plant Based on the Benchmark Simulation Model No.1-BSM1 2008
Load balancing control system of a furnace from atmospheric distillation unit 2008
Effect of catalytic reactor design on plantwide control strategy: Application to VAM plant 2008
Dynamic expansion of a spherical cavity within a rate-dependent compressible porous material 2008
PVA-DNA cryogel membranes: Characterization, swelling, and transport studies 2008
New polysaccharide-based microparticles crosslinked with siloxane: Interactions with biologically active substances 2008
Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. Inhibition of the cytosolic and tumor-associated carbonic anhydrase isozymes I, II and IX with some 1,3,4-oxadiazole- and 1,2,4-triazole-thiols 2008
Characteristics of Acoustic Emission Signal Specific to Isolated Cracks Triggered by Scratch Tests in Stainless Steel Coatings 2008
Enhanced electrospray ionization Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry of long-chain polysaccharides 2008
Oxidative stress on liposomes with chlorophyll a monitored by spectral studies 2008
Photonic crystals based on amorphous chalcogenides 2008
Microstructure of La0.54Ho0.11Ca0.35-xNaxMn1-yCuyO3 manganites 2008
PbSe nanowires grown by the template method 2008
Photocatalytic and structural properties of mixed titania and zirconia aerogels 2008
Fast method for determination of Cd, Cu, Pb, Se, and Zn in whole blood by DRC-ICP-MS using the simple dilution procedure 2008
Functionalized chitosan and its use in pharmaceutical, biomedical, and biotechnological research 2008
Synthesis of tervalent phosphorus esters in biphasic system using potassium phosphate as unique solid base 2008
Long-term assessment of the implant titanium material-artificial saliva interface 2008
Application of Haar and Mexican hat wavelets to double divisor-ratio spectra for the multicomponent determination of ascorbic acid, acetylsalicylic acid and paracetamol in effervescent tablets 2008
Infrared and Raman spectroscopic study of Sn-containing Zn/Al-layered double hydroxides 2008
Synthesis and characterization of FeO(OH)/Fe(3)O(4) nanoparticles encapsulated in zeolite matrix 2008
Metal states in cobalt- and cobalt-vanadium-modified MCM-41 mesoporous silica catalysts and their activity in selective hydrocarbons oxidation 2008
Zn-Al layered double hydroxides: Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic application 2008
Characterization of Ti-Ta alloys synthesized by cold crucible levitation melting 2008
Remote field eddy current control using rotating magnetic field transducer: Application to pressure tubes examination 2008
Improvement of retention capacity of ETS-10 for uranyl ions by porosity modification and their immobilization into a titanosilicate matrix 2008
Surface area and thermal stability effect of the MgO supported catalysts for the synthesis of carbon nanotubes 2008
Rh-TPPTS/LDH - A new heterogeneous catalyst for the synthesis of functionalized gamma-lactone 2008
Mesoporous TiO(2)-Y(2)O(3)-ZrO(2) oxides with crystalline framework obtained by surfactant template synthesis 2008
A simple way to design highly active titania/mesoporous silica photocatalysts 2008
Calixarene-modified multi-wall carbon nanotubes 2008
Analysis of aerosol's long-range transport using synergetic techniques 2008
Optical Properties of Aerosols from Lidar Data and Other Ground-based Instruments near Bucharest 2008
Platinum electrodeposition on conductive diamond powder and its application to methanol oxidation in acidic media 2008
Anodic deposition of RuOx center dot nH(2)O at conductive diamond films and conductive diamond powder for electrochemical capacitors 2008
Novel Sol-Gel Synthesis of Acidic MgF(2-x)(OH)(x) Materials 2008
Polyhedral structures with three-, four-, and five fold symmetry in metal-centered ten-vertex germanium clusters 2008
Heterogeneous Gold Catalysts for Efficient Access to Functionalized Lactones 2008
On the theory of viscoelastic mixtures and stability 2008
A new route to carbon monoxide adducts of heme proteins 2008
Modelling transport of C-14-labelled Natural Organic Matter (NOM) in Boom Clay 2008

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