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X-ray micro-tomography as a tool for quantitative characterization of advanced materials manufacturing processes 2008
Complex multifunctional materials for special applications 2008
Characterization of the solvation spheres of some dipolar spectrally active molecules in binary solvents 2008
Statistical assessment of solvent mixture models used for separation of biological active compounds 2008
A simple and efficient route to active and dispersed silica supported palladium nanoparticles 2008
About the elaboration and characterization of Fe-based composite with friction destination 2008
Porous ceramics for high temperature filters 2008
Rheological Investigations of Copolymers of N-(Substituted Maleimide)s with Styrene in Dimethylsulfoxide 2008
Influence of the substitution degree on the dilute solution properties of cellulose acetate 2008
Neural network modeling applied to polyacrylamide based hydrogels synthetized by single step process 2008
Experimental results of H(m)(E) and V(m)(E) for binary mixtures (propylbenzene plus an alkane or plus an alkyl ethanoate) 2008
Density oscillations in a model of water and other similar liquids 2008
Neural networks and genetic algorithms used for modeling and optimization of the siloxane-siloxane copolymers synthesis 2008
Hydrophobicity parameter (log K-ow) estimation for some phenolic compounds of pharmaceutical interest from retention studies with mobile phase composition in reversed-phase liquid chromatography 2008
Determination of S-adenosylmethionine and S-adenosylhomocysteine from human blood samples by HPLC-FL 2008
Inhibition of Low-Density Lipoprotein Peroxidation by BHA Use: Fluorimetric Assay 2008
Validation of a Quantitative Method Determination of Estradiol in Pharmaceutical Products using UV-Vis Molecular Absorption Spectrometry 2008
Kinetics of styrene and butyl acrylate polymerization in anionic microemulsions in presence of layered silicates 2008
Beyond the Wade-Mingos rules in bare 10- and 12-vertex germanium clusters: Transition states for symmetry breaking processes 2008
Viruses as supramolecular self-assemblies: modelling of capsid formation and genome packaging 2008
Basicity or Ionicity - a new approach for understanding glass properties 2008
A new experimental way to obtain information about glass nano-heterogeneous structure 2008
Basicity-Gibbs free energy relationships for binary alkali silicates 2008
The influence of the vitreous matrix for the determination of the lanthanides doping concentration from the optical transmission spectra 2008
The permanently bonded glass decor from chemical precursors 2008
Characterization of aluminophosphate glasses containing Pr3+, Er3+, Gd3+ and Yb3+ ions 2008
Study on the recycling of borate silicate vitreous waste with capitalization of heavy metals sludge 2008
Glazes using E-glass fibers waste 2008
Ecological silicate glasses 2008
A study of the industrial waste incorporating in glass 2008
Combination of different extractants to assess binding forms of some elements in soil profiles 2008
Corrosion behavior of some sintered CuNi alloys - preliminary laboratory data 2008
Black layers on aluminum substrate - Evaluation of corrosion Behavior 2008
Effect of flow disturbed condition and MEA inhibitor on corrosion behavior of an API 5L grade A steel 2008
Assessment on Reynolds equation use for modelling the hydrodynamic behaviour of silicate melts at continuous casting of steel 2008
SiC-cast iron matrix composite, a new material for wear applications 2008
Copper-coated graphite composites for sliding electrical contacts 2008
CoCrTi and TiAlNb carbon coated alloys used in medical applications 2008
Ceramic BiFeO3 thin films deposed on different substrate types 2008
Influence factors on bonding materials by solid state diffusion 2008
Rotary clinkering kilns design - Part I - Statistical models for clinkering kiln design 2008
Changes in the cell parameters of alite doped with phosphorus 2008
The effect of limestone addition on the hydration and hardening of Portland limestone cement in correlation with its physical and mechanical properties 2008
The fillers influence on the self compacted concrete properties 2008
Spinel preparation by combustion synthesis. the influence of synthesis conditions on the features of the resulted spinel MgAl2O4 powder 2008
In vitro testing of hydroxyapatite bioceramics 2008
Morphological characterization of SiC and Al2O3 for particulate cast metal matrix composite (PCMMCs) 2008

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