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Studies concerning the accessibility of different allomorphic forms of cellulose 2012
Atomic structure and reactivity of ferromagnetic Fe deposited on Si(001) 2012
Few-layer nano-graphene structures with large surface areas synthesized on a multifunctional Fe:Mo:MgO catalyst system 2012
Irradiation and measurement devices and methods development for LSNAA applications at the TRIGA-ACPR core 2012
Effects of chemical modification on the structure and mechanical properties of starch-based biofilms 2012
Investigation on the thermal properties of new thermo-reversible networks based on poly(vinyl furfural) and multifunctional maleimide compounds 2012
Spectroscopic evaluation of painted layer structural changes induced by gamma radiation in experimental models 2012
Potassium sorbate release from poly(vinyl alcohol)-bacterial cellulose films 2012
Modelling of sorbic acid diffusion through bacterial cellulose-based antimicrobial films 2012
The use of stable isotopes ratios for authentication of fruit juices 2012
Behaviour of semi-crystalline thermoplastic polymers: Experimental studies and simulations 2012
Response of ship hull laminated plates to close proximity blast loads 2012
Quasi-Static behavior as a limit process of a dynamical one for an anisotropic hardening material 2012
Modelling and experimental study of parallel cracks propagation in an orthotropic elastic material 2012
Stress singularity of symmetric free-edge joints with elasto-plastic behaviour 2012
The influence of precursor's composition and concentration on cadmium doped TiO2 film 2012
Ab initio study regarding the evaluation of the antioxidant character of cyanidin, delphinidin and malvidin 2012
Fuzzy modeling applied to optical and surface properties of a ferrocenylsiloxane polyamide solution 2012
Intra-well relaxation process in magnetic fluids subjected to strong polarising fields 2012
Kinetic studies on the irinotecan release based on structural properties of functionalized mesoporous-silica supports 2012
Sequential enzymatic procedure for the preparation of enantiomerically pure 2-heteroaryl-2-hydroxyacetic acids 2012
Multi-residue method for the determination of brominated and organophosphate flame retardants in indoor dust 2012
Volumetric wear assessment of retrieved metal-on-metal hip prostheses and the impact of measurement uncertainty 2012
The influence of hydrostatic pressure and transverse magnetic field on the electric conductivity of the magnetorheological elastomers 2012
Influence of the thermo-chemical conditions on the carbo-chromization process of alpha-Fe matrices obtained by powder sintering technique 2012
Interface characterization and atomic intermixing processes in Be/W bilayers deposited on Si(001) substrates with Fe buffer layers 2012
Dimethacrylic/epoxy interpenetrating polymer networks including octafunctional POSS 2012
Comparative researches on two direct transmethylation without prior extraction methods for fatty acids analysis in vegetal matrix with low fat content 2012
Microwave-assisted Wurtz coupling of methylphenyldichlorosilane in solvent-free conditions 2012
Synthesis and association of Ag(0) nanoparticles in aqueous Pluronic F127 triblock copolymer solutions 2012
Indigo - A Natural Pigment for High Performance Ambipolar Organic Field Effect Transistors and Circuits 2012
Tracking antioxidant properties and color changes in low-sugar bilberry jam as effect of processing, storage and pectin concentration 2012
Crystal Structure, Fluorescence, and Nanostructuration Studies of the First Zn-II Anthracene-Based Curcuminoid 2012
Ultrasonic or accelerated solvent extraction followed by U-HPLC-high mass accuracy MS for screening of pharmaceuticals and fungicides in soil and plant samples 2012
Effect of surface conditioning on the flowability of Ti6Al7Nb powder for selective laser melting applications 2012
Magnetic chitosan composite particles: Evaluation of thorium and uranyl ion adsorption from aqueous solutions 2012
New anionic crosslinked multi-responsive pullulan hydrogels 2012
Amphiphilic and thermosensitive copolymers based on pullulan and Jeffamine (R): Synthesis, characterization and physicochemical properties 2012
New semi-IPN scaffolds based on HEMA and collagen modified with itaconic anhydride 2012
Analysis of oversulfation in biglycan chondroitin/dermatan sulfate oligosaccharides by chip-based nanoelectrospray ionization multistage mass spectrometry 2012
Experimental, Analytical, and Numerical Investigation of Interphasial Stress and Strain Fields in MWCNT Polymer Composites 2012
Dynamic changes on the surface during the calcination of rapid heat treated TiO2 photocatalysts 2012
Structure of Amorphous SiO2 Nanoparticles Probed through the E '(gamma) Centers 2012
Effect of Temperature and Aging Time on the Rheological Behavior of Aqueous Poly(ethylene glycol)/Laponite RD Dispersions 2012
Synthesis and Thermal Analysis of a Magnetic Composite by Thermogravimetry Coupled to Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry 2012
Enzymatic reactor selection and derivation of the optimal operation policy, by using a model-based modular simulation platform 2012
Correlating the visible light photoactivity of N-doped TiO2 with brookite particle size and bridged-nitro surface species 2012
Preparation and magnetic properties of electrodeposited [Co/Zn] multilayer films 2012
Structural and morphological characterization of Pr3+ and Er3+-containing SiO2-P2O5 sol-gel thin films 2012
Estimation of the lipophilic character of flavonoids from the retention behavior in reversed phase liquid chromatography on different stationary phases: A comparative study 2012

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