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Effect of thermo-mechanical processing on the corrosion resistance of Ti6Al4V alloys in biofluids 2009
Hydroacridines: Part 30. (1)H and (13)C NMR spectra of 9-substituted 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-octahydroacridines and of their N-oxides 2009
Comparative Characterization of Polyvinyl Alcohols for Vinyl Chloride Suspension Polymerization 1. The Degree of Hydrolysis 2009
Polypyrrole as Conducting Polymer Coating on Ti6Al7Nb Alloy 2009
The Study of Some Experimental and Commercial Nanocomposites Used in Dentistry 2009
Physico-chemical and Structural Characterization of Corn Starch Modified by Combined Electron Beam with Microwave Treatment 2009
Thermal Properties of Nanofilled and Microfilled Restorative Composites 2009
Structure and Mechanical Properties of Nanocomposites Based on Polypropylene - Clay Hybrids 2009
Failure Analysis of High Frequency Welding Fixed Joints of Thermoplastic Polymers 2009
Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of Multiphase Polymeric Composite Materials 2009
Organic-inorganic hybrids obtained by in situ polymerization of aniline in silica/phosphonate matrix 2009
Synthesis, characterization and catalytic behavior of SnTf/MCM-41 and SnTf/UVM-7 as new green catalysts for etherification reactions 2009
Cu(II) complexes imobilized on functionalized mesoporous silica as catalysts for biomimetic oxidations 2009
Novel nanomaterials based on 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)-21H,23H-porphyrin entrapped in silica matrices 2009
Determination of ganglioside composition and structure in human brain hemangioma by chip-based nanoelectrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry 2009
Determination of sulfation pattern in brain glycosaminoglycans by chip-based electrospray ionization ion trap mass spectrometry 2009
Spectroscopic studies on vitreous and polycrystalline heavy metal gallium-bismuthates 2009
Thermal properties of ecological phosphate and silicate glasses 2009
Ising-like model study of size dependence relaxation in spin crossover complexes 2009
Growth and optical characteristics of coumarin 6 doped potassium hydrogen phthalate (KAP) crystals 2009
Electronic Transport Properties of 1,1 '-Ferrocene Dicarboxylic Acid Linked to Al(111) Electrodes 2009
Polyvinylphosphonic acid used in synthesis of organic inorganic hybrids by sol-gel method 2009
Revealing Fe(3)O(4) nanoparticles aggregation dynamics using dynamic light scattering 2009
The effects of gamma-irradiation on the antioxidant activity of rosemary extract 2009
Physical method for the diagnose and therapy of mammary and bone tumors using film densitometry 2009
Degradation effects in EPDM/cellulose sandwich structures 2009
Compatibility and cytotoxicity testing of some new biomaterials based on polyurethane and hydroxypropylcellulose blends 2009
Characterization and optical properties of Er(3+) and Ho(3+) doped ZnGa(2)O(4) 2009
Eu-doped langasite, langatate and langanite - possible new red phosphors 2009
Optical and EPR investigations of the thermal treatment effects on YVO(4) nanocrystals 2009
Ultra-low background measurements of decayed aerosol filters 2009
Contribution to polymer nanoparticles analysis by laser light scattering 2009
UPLC Analysis of Common Parabens in Cosmetic Products 2009
Novel synthesis process for ceramic carbon nanotube nanocomposites with nanojunctions 2009
pH- and temperature-sensitive polymeric microspheres for drug delivery: the dissolution of copolymers modulates drug release 2009
Novel hydrogels from diepoxy-terminated poly(ethylene glycol)s and aliphatic primary diamines: synthesis and equilibrium swelling studies 2009
Effect of alkali pre-treatment on hydrolysis of regenerated cellulose fibers (part 1: viscose) by cellulases 2009
Vibrational properties of the electrochemically synthesized polyindole/single-walled carbon nanotubes composite 2009
Fabrication of submicrometer periodic structures using interference lithography and two-layer chalcogenide photoresist 2009
Tellurium based phase change materials 2009
Matrix-assisted photo-amorphization effect in As(40)S(30)Se(30) films with silver 2009
Cadmium sulphide nanoparticles embedded in polymeric matrices 2009
Semiconductor detectors for high radiation fields: microscopic processes in materials and the control of device parameters 2009
Comparative study of EXAFS spectra for close-shell systems 2009
Antiproliferative effect and genotoxicity of novel synthesized palladium complexes with organoarsenic ligands 2009
Structure and Properties of Copper(II), Manganese(III), and Iron(III) Complexes with Potentially Pentaanionic Heptadentate Ligands Including Alkoxido, Amido, and Phenoxido Donors 2009
A Novel Approach for the Synthesis of N-Arylpyrroles 2009
Cobalt tetrasulfophthalocyaninate as a catalyst of the reduction of nitrite with thiourea dioxide 2009

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