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New Lanthanide Complexes as Potential Fluorescent Labels 2012
Obtaining and Characterization of Ceramic Pigments for Polychrome Artistic Elements II. Microscopic and colorimetric analysis 2012
Comparative and Non-invasive Study of Two Different Ceramic Materials 2012
Determination of Additional Effective Dose and Radiological Risk Assessment for Exposed Population 2012
Gaseous Pollutants Removal by Electron Beam Based Hybrid Systems 2012
Scavenging Activity of Reactive Oxygen Species by Polyphenols Extracted from Different Vegetal Parts of Celandine (Chelidonium majus). Chemiluminescence Screening 2012
Cervical Microleakage in Class II Chemically Conditioned Cavities 2012
The Influence of the Character of Emulsifiers on the Performance of H(4)SiW(12)O(40 center dot)30H(2)O Heteropolyacid Catalyst in Glycerol Etherification with Isobutene 2012
Aspects Regarding the Influence of Concentration of Components with Antifungal Activity from Some Essential Oils 2012
The Use of Pekoflam DPN for Fireproofing Cotton Textile Materials 2012
Electrochemical Investigation of the Deposition/Dissolution of Selenium in Choline Chloride with Urea or Ethylene Glycol Ionic Liquids 2012
Equilibrium and Kinetic Studies on the Biosorption of Cu(II) onto Aspergillus niger Biomass 2012
Hydrogen from Glycerol by Steam Reforming 2012
Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy-dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy in Determining the Metallic-shine-loss Causes of a Low Gold Content Conventional Alloy 2012
The Distribution of Boron in Romanian Coals 2012
Possibilities of Determining Coal Combustion and Burning at Low Temperatures Without Thermic Energy 2012
Burning Velocity of Propane-Air Mixtures from Pressure-Time Records during Explosions in a Closed Spherical Vessel 2012
Study of gradual porous metallic membranes obtained by powder sedimentation 2012
Self-assembled architecture based on triiron-substituted polyoxomolybdate anion and positively charged polymer 2012
Chemical Composition and in Vitro Antifungal Activity Screening of the Allium ursinum L. (Liliaceae) 2012
Isolation and Characterization of New Microsatellite Markers for the Invasive Softshell Clam, Mya arenaria (L.) (Bivalvia: Myidae) 2012
Biotinylated chitosan-based SPIONs with potential in blood-contacting applications 2012
Novel in situ electrochemical deposition of platinum nanoparticles by sinusoidal voltages on conducting polymer films 2012
FeCO3 Microparticle Synthesis by Fe-EDTA Hydrothermal Decomposition 2012
Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of new naphtalene diimides bearing isothiocyanate functionality 2012
Electrical conduction properties of Co-doped ZnO nanocrystalline thin films 2012
Synthesis, structural and magnetic characterization of iron-zinc-borate glass ceramics containing nanocrystalline zinc ferrite 2012
A new outlook on membrane enhancement with nanoparticles: The alternative of ZnO 2012
XRD and EPR structural investigation of some zinc borate glasses doped with iron ions 2012
Electrospun PVC/Fe3O4 composite nanofibers for microwave absorption applications 2012
Deposition of titanium nitride and hydroxyapatite-based biocompatible composite by reactive plasma spraying 2012
The influence of annealing treatments on the properties of Ag:TiO2 nanocomposite films prepared by magnetron sputtering 2012
Efficient One-Pot, Three-Component Synthesis of a Library of Pyrrolo[1,2-c]pyrimidine Derivatives 2012
Optimization of Opto-Electrical and Photocatalytic Properties of SnO2 Thin Films Using Zn2+ and W6+ Dopant Ions 2012
Selective Separation of Vitamin C by Reactive Extraction 2012
Modelling enzymatic oxidation of D-glucose with pyranose 2-oxidase in the presence of catalase 2012
Monoesterase Activity of a Purple Acid Phosphatase Mimic with a Cyclam Platform 2012
Polymer colloids and silver nanoparticles hybrid materials 2012
Photopolymerization experiments and properties of some urethane/urea methacrylates tested in dental composites 2012
Signal mass and Ca2+ kinetics in local calcium events: a modeling study 2012
A green chemical approach to the synthesis of photoluminescent ZnO hollow spheres with enhanced photocatalytic properties 2012
Photoluminescence and Raman evidence for mechanico-chemical interaction of polyaniline-emeraldine base with ZnS in cubic and hexagonal phase 2012
Influence of conformational rigidity on membrane properties of polyimides 2012
Synthesis and stereochemistry of new spiro[5.5]undecane derivatives with 1,3-dioxane, 1,3-dithiane, or 1,3-oxathiane rings 2012
Conformational rigidity and dielectric properties of polyimides 2012
Linearization of the MS response function: case study for metformin assay in plasma samples for bioequivalence purposes 2012
Magnesium and strontium doped octacalcium phosphate thin films by matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation 2012
Wheat flour dough Alveograph characteristics predicted by Mixolab regression models 2012
Synthesis and characterization of new complexes of some divalent transition metals with 2-acetyl-pyridyl-isonicotinoylhydrazone 2012
Crosslinked polysulfone obtained by Wittig-Horner reaction in biphase system 2012

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