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Extended aromatic pi-electron conjugated dyes with three azo bonds and either one or two azulen-1-yl moieties in molecule. Synthesis and basicity 2012
PVC/Fe electrospun nanofibers for high frequency applications 2012
Effect of gadolinium ions on the structure and magnetic properties of zinc-borate glasses and glass ceramics 2012
Comparative study on UV and visible light sensitive bare and doped titanium dioxide photocatalysts for the decomposition of environmental pollutants in water 2012
Oxidative dehydrogenation of propane over cobalt-containing mixed oxides obtained from LDH precursors 2012
Structural and electrochemical characterization of novel leucine-gold nanoparticles modified electrode 2012
Modeling localized aluminum alloy corrosion in chloride solutions under non-equilibrium conditions: Steps toward understanding pitting initiation 2012
Structural and piezoelectric characteristics of BNT-BT0.05 thin films processed by sol-gel technique 2012
Characterization and curing kinetics of new benzoxazine monomer based on aromatic diamines 2012
Possible role of Cl- ions in DNA-protein interactions in the nucleosomes 2012
Multifunctional zinc oxide nanostructures for a new generation of devices 2012
The effect of copper ions addition on structural and optical properties of zinc borate glasses 2012
Kinetic approach of aflatoxin B1-acetylcholinesterase interaction: A tool for developing surface plasmon resonance biosensors 2012
Influence of the substrate nature on the properties of ZnO thin films 2012
Classification and fingerprinting of kiwi and pomelo fruits by multivariate analysis of chromatographic and spectroscopic data 2012
Inclusion interactions of cyclodextrins and crosslinked cyclodextrin polymers with linalool and camphor in Lavandula angustifolia essential oil 2012
Chitosan-coated anisotropic silver nanoparticles as a SERS substrate for single-molecule detection 2012
Synthesis and structural characterization of 1-(3-aminopropyl)silatrane and some new derivatives 2012
Kinetic versus thermodynamic isomers of the deltahedral dicobaltadicarbaboranes having nine to 12 vertices 2012
Evidence for OH Radical Production during Electrocatalysis of Oxygen Reduction on Pt Surfaces: Consequences and Application 2012
Transport Mechanisms in Capillary Condensation of Water at a Single-Asperity Nanoscopic Contact 2012
Siroheme-containing sulfite reductase: A density functional investigation of the mechanism 2012
Normal state resistivity and excess of conductivity around the optimal doping of Bi-2212 thin films 2012
Simultaneous impedimetric and amperometric interrogation of renal cells exposed to a calculus-forming salt 2012
Thin-layer chromatography with stationary phase gradient as a method for separation of water-soluble vitamins 2012
Experimental Studies on Bulk Tempering of 34CrNiMo6 Steel 2012
Chemical synthesis and characterization of self-doped N-propanesulfonic acid polyaniline derivatives 2012
Relevance of the basicity of MO-Sm2O3 (M = Zn, Mg, Ca, Sr) mixed oxides for the efficiency of methane conversion to C-2(+) hydrocarbons 2012
Electrical and catalytic properties of SnO2/TiO2 measured in operando conditions 2012
Effect of the preparation method on the reduction behavior of gold catalysts supported on ceria doped with FeOx: assignment and kinetic parameters of the individual reduction processes 2012
Ni-Al layered double hydroxides as catalyst precursors for CO2 removal by methanation 2012
Surface evolution of the Sn-Ce-O powders in various atmospheres 2012
Oxidation of tert-butanethiol with air using Mo-containing hydrotalcite-like compounds and their derived mixed oxides as catalysts 2012
Influence of the reactant gas on the electrical properties of alumina-supported tin dioxide catalysts 2012
Supported nickel catalysts for low temperature methane steam reforming: comparison between metal additives and support modification 2012
Oxidation activity of horseradish peroxidase hosted in molecular sieves: spectroscopic investigations show hindering of the enzyme activity 2012
Kinetics of the reduction with CO and reoxidation on the 12-molybdophosphoric, 1-vanado-11-molybdophosphoric acids and their salts with NH4+, K+ and Cs+ studied by "in situ" UV-Vis-DRS spectroscopy 2012
High Hardness BaCb-(BxOy/BN) Composites with 3D Mesh-Like Fine Grain-Boundary Structure by Reactive Spark Plasma Sintering 2012
Morphology study of layered silicate/chitosan nanohybrids 2012
Hybrid Self Organizing Neurons and Evolutionary Algorithms for Global Optimization 2012
Heat of adsorption, adsorption energy and activation energy in adsorption and ion exchange systems 2012
Treatment of underground water in open flow and closed-loop fixed bed systems by utilizing the natural minerals clinoptilolite and vermiculite 2012
Study of thin films made from aromatic polymers containing six-member imide rings 2012
Copolyimides containing perylene and hexafluoroisopropylidene moieties 2012
Spectrometric Method for Copper (II) Determination at Trace Level 2012
Synthesis and Liquid Crystalline Behavior of Some Monosubstituted Ferrocene Containing Schiff Bases 2012
The Effects of Arbuscular Mychorrizal Fungi on the Transfer of Heavy Metals and Oxidative Stress related Parameters in Sunflower Exposed to Multi-element Pollution 2012
Kinetic Aspects of Transport para-aminophenol through Agitated Bulk Liquid Membrane 2012
Proton/Cu(II) and Proton/Ni(II) Ion Exchange Equilibria on Sulfonated Hypercrosslinked Resin Sorption and Surface Complexation Models 2012

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