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Voltammetric Sensing of Mercury and Copper Cations at Poly(EDTA-like) Film Modified Electrode 2009
Extraction and transport behaviour of aromatic amino acids by modified cyclodextrin 2009
Interpenetrated constitutional networks of aromatic metallosupramolecular duplexes 2009
Inclusion of parabens in beta-cyclodextrin: A solution NMR and X-ray structural investigation 2009
EXAFS investigation of iron local environment in metal-doped titania photocatalysts prepared by hydrothermal and high-energy ball milling routes 2009
Optical and structural investigations on rare earth-doped thin films of phosphate glasses prepared by pulsed laser deposition 2009
Comparative crystal field calculations of the Cr(3+) energy level schemes in ZnAl(2)S(4) and ZnGa(2)O(4) 2009
Comparative luminescence study of terbium-exchanged zeolites silylated with alkoxysilanes 2009
Films and crystalline powder of PbI(2) intercalated with ammonia and pyridine 2009
Investigation of carbon nanofibers as support for bioactive substances 2009
Synergism of Activated Carbon and Undoped and Nitrogen-doped TiO(2) in the Photocatalytic Degradation of the Chemical Warfare Agents Soman, VX, and Yperite 2009
Thermally controlled synthesis of single-wall carbon nanotubes with selective diameters 2009
Raman and FTIR spectroscopy as valuable tools for the characterization of polymer and carbon nanotube based composites 2009
New Developments for Electronic Document Management in University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest 2009
Process simulation of reactive distillation in dividing wall column for ETBE synthesis process 2009
Kinetic parameters estimation for precipitation using continuous approximation functions and genetic algorithms 2009
Waste Water Network Retrofitting through Optimal Placement of Regeneration Unit 2009
New Contributions to Modelling and Simulation of TAME Synthesis by Catalytic Distillation 2009
Ultrasonic vs. Microwave Extraction Intensification of Active Principles from Medicinal Plants 2009
Antimicrobial effect of Monascus purpureus red rice against some bacterial and fungal strains 2009
Study of relationship concerning the pigment production and growth rate for five mutant strains of Monascus purpureus 2009
Polydimethylsiloxane-modified chitosan I. Synthesis and structural characterisation of graft and crosslinked copolymers 2009
Kinetics of swelling and drug release from PNIPAAm/alginate stimuli responsive hydrogels 2009
Shape Memory Assemblies using Ultrasonic Welding 2009
Nanocomposites based on acrylic copolymer, iron lignosulfonate and ZnO nanoparticles used as wood preservatives 2009
Preparation and characterization of polysulfone membranes containing Ag nanoparticles by a convenient ultraviolet irradiation technique 2009
First Heterotrimetallic {3d-4d-4f} Single Chain Magnet, Constructed from Anisotropic High-Spin Heterometallic Nodes and Paramagnetic Spacers 2009
Composites of High-Density Polyethylene-Elastomer: Analysis by Physico-mechanical Tests and ATR-FTIR Spectrometry 2009
Hard Segment Inelastic Effects on the Stress-Strain Response of Polyurethane Elastomers Based on Hard Segments of Variable Geometry 2009
Microwave Assisted Reactions of Some Azaheterocylic Compounds 2009
Total Antioxidant Capacity of Some Commercial Fruit Juices: Electrochemical and Spectrophotometrical Approaches 2009
Green Acylation of Aromatic Sulfonamides in Heterogeneous Catalysis 2009
Synthesis and Characterization of Linear, Branched and Hyperbranched Triphenylamine-Based Polyazomethines 2009
Synthesis and Properties of Polyetherurethane Urea Amide Acrylates 2009
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Azobenzene Methacrylate Monomers 2009
Crystal engineering of hybrid inorganic-organic systems based upon complexes with dissymmetric compartmental ligands 2009
Major ionic species in size-segregated aerosols and associated gaseous pollutants at a coastal site on the Belgian North Sea 2009
Surface states- and field-effects at p- and n-doped GaAs(111)A/solution interface 2009
Band gap effect on the photocatalytic activity of supramolecular structures obtained by entrapping photosensitizers in different inorganic supports 2009
Direct spectroscopic detection of framework-incorporated vanadium in mesoporous silica materials 2009
In situ ESR-UV-Vis-NIR spectroelectrochemical study of the p-doping of poly[2-(3-thienyl)ethyl acetate] and its hydrolyzed derivatives 2009
Structural characterization of a highly active superoxide-dismutase mimic 2009
Determining relative proton-proton proximities from the build-up of two-dimensional correlation peaks in (1)H double-quantum MAS NMR: insight from multi-spin density-matrix simulations 2009
Determination of gradual reduction of the flexible pavement bearing capacity 2009
Alternative materials for asphalt mixture-steel slags 2009
The cracking device with temperature control for the laboratory identification of the road material performance 2009
Fatigue lines for asphalt mixtures used in wearing course 2009
New alternatives for estimating the octanol/water partition coefficient and water solubility for volatile organic compounds using GLC data (Kovats retention indices) 2009

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