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Lactic Ester of Maleoabietic Acid as Crosslinking Agent for Epoxy Resins 2009
Studies About the Initial Fixation of a Mini Tailored Hip Prosthesis with a Scaffold Structure 2009
Cadmium Selenide Nanoparticles Synthesis in Water-Soluble Polymer System 2009
Experimental Determination of the Flow Rate Coefficient Required to Calculate the Flow Rate in the Feeding Zone of a Single Screw Extruder 2009
Biopolymeric Microcapsules for Controlled Release of Pralidoxime Chloride 2009
Researches on Abrasive Wear Behaviour of Restorative Composite Materials for Dental Structures 2009
Rheological Properties of Polyvinyl Chloride - Thermoplastic Polyurethane Blends 2009
Experimental and Theoretical Researches Regarding Ultrasonic Welding Process Optimization of the Polymeric Matrix Composite Materials 2009
Research Concerning the Adjustment of Fabric Density Produced by Circular Knitting Machines with Large Diameter 2009
Cu-based shape memory alloy for thermostatic actuator device 2009
Parchment behaviour under extreme heat and fire conditions 2009
Convective assembly of two-dimensional nanosphere lithographic masks 2009
Preparation and characterization of a hydroxyapatite-collagen composite as component for injectable bone substitute 2009
Layer by layer deposition of hydroxyapatite onto the collagen matrix 2009
Characterization of self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) on silicon substrate comparative with polymer substrate for Escherichia coli O157:H7 detection 2009
Effect of annealing upon the structure and adhesion properties of sputtered bio-glass/titanium coatings 2009
First stages of surface steel nitriding: X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and electrical measurements 2009
Influence of fluxing in the preparation of bulk Fe-based glassy alloys 2009
Studies on Y(2)O(3):Eu phosphor with different particle size prepared by wet chemical method 2009
A comparative study of the electrochemical deposition of molybdenum oxides thin films on copper and platinum 2009
The characterization of recycled PMMA 2009
Nanocrystalline semiconductor materials for solar water-splitting 2009
Magnetic properties of Fe-Co-based bulk metallic glasses 2009
Surface morphology of AlN films synthesized by pulsed laser deposition 2009
Chitosan based nonstoichiometric polyelectrolyte complexes as specialized flocculants 2009
Study of the Polymer Flow Through Tubular Runner 2009
Structural characterization and optical properties of Co(3)O(4) and CoO films 2009
Structural and optical analysis of superimposed bismuth and antimony oxides 2009
Biogenic amines and fish freshness assessment using a multisensor system based on voltammetric electrodes. Comparison between CPE and screen-printed electrodes 2009
Electrodeposition and tribocorrosion behaviour of ZrO(2)-Ni composite coatings 2009
Study on Iron and Manganese from Soil by Elemental Speciation 2009
Sensing properties of organised films based on a bithiophene derivative 2009
Studies on Buckling Behaviour of the Ship Deck Panels with Imperfections made of Composite Materials 2009
Aspects Regarding the Use of FEM for Calculus at the Injection Moulding of a High Accuracy Part 2009
Effect of Ferrite Particles on Mechanical Behaviour of Glass Fibers Reinforced Polymer Composite 2009
Contributions to the Study of the Lyocell Fiber Properties 2009
On the problems of Almansi and Michell for anisotropic Cosserat elastic shells 2009
Impact of High-k Dielectrics on Breakdown Performances of SiC and Diamond Schottky Diodes 2009
Zero waste - sustainable development strategic guideline of a knowledge-based society 2009
Mechatronic mobile system for monitoring textile equipment using GSM Network. Part II 2009
Decolorization waste waters from the textile industry ¬physical methods, chemical methods 2009
Modifying comfort parameters by using natural leather in clothing products 2009
CAD procedure for patterns with Bezier curves 2009
The sustainable development - a form of economic improvement. Part II. Design and simulation of stands meant for testing the textile filter element 2009
Assessment of Cu, Pb, Zn and Cd Availability to Vegetable Species Grown in the Vicinity of Tailing Deposits from Baia Mare Area 2009
Studies Concerning Nickel Electrodeposition from Watts bath with Addition of Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone (PVP) 2009
Some Aspects Concerning the Interaction between Uranium and ETS-10 Titanosilicate 2009
Effect of pH on the Behaviour of Some Titanium Alloys with Biphasic Structure 2009
Solvent Influence on the Electronic Absorption Spectra of Anthracene 2009

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