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Rolling Friction in a Micro Tribosystem 2009
Surface anchoring energy and the Freedericksz transitions in ferronematics 2009
Competitional hydrophobicity driven separations under RP-LC mechanism: Application to sulfonylurea congeners 2009
Structural investigations of sol-gel derived silicate gels using Eu(3+) ion-probe luminescence 2009
Chalcogenide photonic structures 2009
Characterization of the ZnO thin films obtained by chemical route 2009
Structure and properties of (Cu Ca Bi) doped KNN lead-free piezoceramics 2009
Evolution of the surface morphology with temperature, in oxidant atmosphere, of Ba (Ti(1-x)Sn(x))O(3) (x=0.13) thin films 2009
Translocation of radioactivity from substrate to macromycetes in the Crucea (Romania) uranium mining area 2009
Structure and Properties of Cross-Linked Polyurethane Copolymers 2009
The Influence of drying temperature on the close packed structure of silanized monolayers deposited on indium tin oxide (ITO) substrates 2009
Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition by Pyrite in the Presence of Fe(III)-ligands 2009
A Whole-cell Model to Simulate Mercuric Ion Reduction by E. coli under Stationary and Perturbed Conditions 2009
Friction reduction in rolling bearing by using polymer additives 2009
Structural investigation of xFe(2)O(3) center dot A (100-x)[P(2)O(5) center dot A TeO(2)] glass system by FT-IR study and EPR spectroscopy 2009
Phosphorus containing hydrogels 2009
Synthesis and Photochromic Behavior of Azo-Polydiphenylsilanes 2009
An attempt to identify the presence of polytype stacking faults in hBN powders by means of X-ray diffraction 2009
Quantitative linear correlations between the cBN synthesis parameters and the structural features of the hBN precursor 2009
Electrical d.c. conduction mechanism in some newly synthesized mono- and dipyridine quaternary salts in thin films 2009
Interaction of beta-amyloid (1-40) peptide with pairs of metal ions: An electrospray ion trap mass spectrometric model study 2009
Unexpected Photocatalytic Activity of Simple and Platinum Modified Tubular SiO(2) for the Oxidation of Oxalic Acid to CO(2) 2009
Carbon Nanotube Growth on Calcium Carbonate Supported Molybdenum-Transition Bimetal Catalysts 2009
Catalytic Hydrogenation of Aqueous Phase Nitrate Over Fe/C Catalysts 2009
Vegetal bioproducts with antioxidant activity for prophylactic and therapeutic effect 2009
Role of silsesquioxane compounds used as 'building blocks' in sol-gel nanoencapsulation of retinyl palmitate 2009
Biomonitoring as assessment of human exposure to heavy metals. Speciation of Hg in fish food and impact on human health 2009
BaTiO(3) and PbTiO(3) perovskite as catalysts for methane combustion 2009
Bioglass -polymer thin coatings obtained by MAPLE for a new generation of implants 2009
Vacuum thermal evaporated (AsSe)(1-x)(AgI)(x) films: studies by spectroscopic ellipsometry and atomic-force microscopy 2009
The deep level influence on the admittance of AlN/Si structures with pulsed laser deposited AlN films 2009
Superparamagnetic Hybrid Micelles, Based on Iron Oxide Nanoparticles and Well-Defined Diblock Copolymers Possessing beta-Ketoester Functionalities 2009
The Influence of Disorder on Thermotropic Nematic Liquid Crystals Phase Behavior 2009
Carbon paste electrodes modified with a new phenothiazine derivative adsorbed on zeolite and on mineral clay for NADH oxidation 2009
Preparation of x(Ni(0.65)Zn(0.35)Fe(2)O(4))/(100¬x)SiO(2) nanocomposite powders by a modified sol-gel method 2009
Palladium metal nanoparticles on organically modified thin hybrid films 2009
Adsorption of procaine at the mercury/electrolyte solution interface 2009
Epithermal neutrons activation analysis, radiochemical and radiometric investigations of evaporitic deposits of Slanic-Prahova (Romania) salt mine 2009
Thermal decomposition kinetics of some aromatic azomonoethers 2 2009
SEM analysis and selenization of Cu-In alloy films produced by co-sputtering of metals 2009
Nitrogen-Rich Compounds of the Lanthanoids: The 5,5 '¬Azobis[1H-tetrazol-1-ides] of some Yttric Earths (Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, and Lu) 2009
Nitrogen-Rich Compounds of the Lanthanoids: The 5,5 '¬Azobis[1H-tetrazol-1-ides] of the Light Rare Earths (Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd) 2009
Polarization, ionization and spatial gates in single attosecond pulse generation 2009
(001) Bi(2)Sr(2)Ca(2)Cu(3)O(10) Superconducting Thin Films on Substrates with Large Film-Substrate Lattice Mismatch and Different Film-Substrate Lattice Mismatch Anisotropy 2009
Nanoblast Synthesis and Consolidation of (La(0.8)Sr(0.2)) (Ga(0.9)Mg(0.1))O(3-delta) Under Spark Plasma Sintering Conditions 2009
Multifunctional plasmonic sensors on low-cost subwavelength metallic nanoholes arrays 2009
Characterisation of soil quality and mobility of Cd, Cu, Pb and Zn in the Baia Mare area Northwest Romania following the historical pollution 2009
Mechanism of Steel Corrosion Inhibition using Mannich Bases 2009
Fly Ash - Activated Carbon Powder Composites for Dyes and Heavy Metals Removal 2009
Simultaneous Adsorption of Methyl Orange and Heavy Metals from Solution Using Fly Ash 2009

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