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Sol-gel zirconia nanopowders with alpha-cyclodextrin as organic additive 2012
Off-center shallow donors in a spherical Si quantum dot with dielectric border 2012
Biomedical properties and preparation of iron oxide-dextran nanostructures by MAPLE technique 2012
Ficaria verna Huds. extracts and their beta-cyclodextrin supramolecular systems 2012
Early Apoptosis Signals Induced by a Low Dose of Epigallocatechin 3-Gallate Interfere with Apoptotic and Cell Death Pathways 2012
Measuring Nanolayer Profiles of Various Materials by Evanescent Light Technique 2012
Oriented carbon nanostructures grown by hot-filament plasma-enhanced CVD from self-assembled Co-based catalyst on Si substrates 2012
Ablation particles parameters influences on VLS oxide nanowire growing 2012
Thermopower of atomic-sized wurtzite AlN wires 2012
Influence of inorganic filler content on the radiopacity of dental resin cements 2012
Ba(Zn1/3Ta2/3)O-3 perovskite ceramics doped with Nb5+, Ce4+ or Yb3+ 2012
Advanced materials in experimental equipments for absolute measurement of X and gamma-ray exposure rate with free-air and cavity ionization chambers 2012
Synthesis and characterization CuFe2O4 nanoparticles prepared by the hydrothermal ultrasonic assisted method 2012
Electrochemical study of stainless steel characteristic modification on correlative effect of fungal cell suspension and ActiSEPT used as biocide for equipment disinfection in bioprocessing of food 2012
Comparative results in biogas production using municipal biodegradable waste for green gas emissions reduction 2012
Cryoprotector effect on main properties of lipid nanoparticles loaded with bio-active compounds 2012
Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method (FDTD) used to simulate Micro-ring resonator for student applications 2012
Second harmonic generation in photonic crystals: numerical simulation 2012
Beam propagation and non-linear effects in photonic crystal optoelectronic devices 2012
Second and third order dispersion effects analyzed by the split-step Fourier method for soliton propagation in optical fibers 2012
Nanomechanical and nanotribological characterization of microelectromechanical system 2012
Preparation and study of structural properties of zinc-doped barium stannate 2012
High frequency impedance spectroscopy analysis of doped PZT ceramics 2012
Bionic features of thin biomaterial layers deposited by PLD onto titanium implants 2012
Judd-Ofelt analysis and laser investigations of Nd3+-doped Gd1-xScxCa4O(BO3)(3) single crystal 2012
Effects of current density on morphology and magnetic properties of Co-TiO2 electrodeposited nanocomposite films 2012
Dental tissue - inlay interface structural shift at mechanical and thermal stresses 2012
Importance of applied normal loads on the tribocorrosion behaviour of Ti-6Al-4V alloy in bio-simulated environment 2012
Mechanical behavior of epoxy 1050_GBX300L-1250 glass fabric laminates subjected to three-point bend tests 2012
Mechanical behavior of CSM450 and RT800 laminates subjected to four-point bend tests 2012
Mechanical behavior of carbon fibre-reinforced epoxy/plain200 prepregs subjected to three-point bend tests 2012
Factor Analysis for the Characterization of the Nano-Surface of the Nitroazobenzene-Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode 2012
On the Feedforward Control of Hysteresis for a Piezoelectric Plate 2012
Determination of Volatile Compounds in Romanian White Wines by Headspace Solid-phase Micro-extraction and Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry 2012
Synthesis and Properties of Mixed Functionalized p-tert-Butyl Calix[4,6]Arene Derivatives with Ionophore Properties 2012
Synthesis and Characterization of Aminomethylated 2-Chloro-4-phenylphenols 2012
Azulenyl-Pyranylium Salts For Anion Recognition 2012
The Influence of Hydrogen Peroxyde Treatment on the Bond Strength of Orthodontic Brackets on Human Enamel 2012
Removal of Nitrate from Water by Two Types of Sorbents Characterization and sorption studies 2012
Laser Micro Spectral Investigation of the Orthodontic Attachments 2012
Obtaining and Characterization of New Ceramic Pigments for Polychrome Artistic Elements III. Thermogravimetric analysis 2012
Binuclear Oxomolybdenum (V) Complex compounds with pyridazone derivatives 2012
Propagation Velocities of Propane-air Deflagrations at Normal and Elevated Pressures and Temperatures 2012
Long-term Storage and Cannabis Oil Stability 2012
Multi-criteria Optimization of a Bioreactor-separator System used for Biological Treatment of Wastewater 2012
The Glycerol Hydrogenolysis on New Supported Catalysts 2012
Free Jet Mist Water Use for Fire Heat Absorption 2012
Torularhodin Biosynthesis and Extraction by Yeast Cells of Rhodotorula Rubra 2012
New Derivatives Based 1,3-thiazolidine-2,3-disubstituted with Support of 5 '-nitroindazole-1 '-acetamidyl with Mitodepresive Activity Reaction optimization in factorial experiment 2012
Studies Concerning the Stabilization by Phytoremediation of Soils Degraded by Mining Activities 2012

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