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Silver nanoparticles obtained with a glucose modified siloxane surfactant 2010
Numerical simulation of a DFB-fiber laser sensor (I) 2010
Nanostructured gold layers. III. Functionalization of gold layers obliquely deposited onto polystyrene substrate 2010
Synthesis and characterization of nobles metals nanowires 2010
Chromium oxides mixtures in PLD films investigated by Raman spectroscopy 2010
Behavior simulation of a copper based shape memory alloy under an external solicitation 2010
Preparation and characterization of new structures of bismaleimides 2010
Tailoring the multiphase composite materials' electrical properties 2010
EPR investigation of two Cu(II) complexes with low symmetry 2010
Electrochemical synthesis of azo azulene films 2010
Electrical and magnetic properties of transition metal oxides Ln(1-x)A(x)MO(3) (Ln = Pr, Nd; A = Ca, Sr; M = Mn, Co) 2010
Photoionisation and structures of jet-formed toluene clusters 2010
Formation of H(2) and H(2)O(2) in a Water-Spray Gliding Arc Nonthermal Plasma Reactor 2010
Estimation of polyethylene nanothin layer morphology by differential evanescent light intensity imaging 2010
Acetylcholinesterase voltammetric biosensors based on carbon nanostructure-chitosan composite material for organophosphate pesticides 2010
Aromatic acid chlorides dosage with N-acyl-aminoacids in aprotic solvents by a spectrophotometric method 2010
Investigations of the non-isothermal crystallization of CaF(2) nanoparticles in Sm-doped oxy-fluoride glasses 2010
Heterogeneity of Nanofilled EPDM Elastomers Investigated by Inverse Laplace Transform (1)H NMR Relaxometry and Rheometry 2010
AlTf-UVM-7-Highly active catalysts for the synthesis of long chain symmetrical ethers and non-ionic surfactant structures 2010
Characterization of Langmuir-Blodgett films of a calix[8]arene and sensing properties towards volatile organic vapors 2010
Mapping the SERS Efficiency and Hot-Spots Localization on Gold Film over Nanospheres Substrates 2010
Thermal analysis of a calcium fructoborate sample 2010
Structural and thermal study of asymmetric alpha-dioxime complexes of Co(III) with Cl and methyl-pyridines 2010
A TDDFT Study of the Fluorescence Properties of Three Alkoxypyridylindolizine Derivatives 2010
LC/MS and LC/MS/MS based protocol for identification of dyes in historic textiles 2010
Characterization of fungal degraded lime wood by FT-IR and 2D IR correlation spectroscopy 2010
Nonlinear Multigrid Methods for Numerical Solution of the Unsaturated Flow Equation in Two Space Dimensions 2010
Sulfanilamide Copper(II) Chelates with 2-[(2-Hydroxyphenyl-imino)methyl]phenolom and 1-[(2-Hydroxyphenylimino)-methyl]naphthalen-2-ol 2010
Dielectric properties of chiral honeycombs - Modelling and experiment 2010
Free radical polymerization of vinyl acetate in the presence of liquid polysulfides 2010
Convenient Direct Reductive Amination of Carbonyl Compounds in a Completely Aqueous Media 2010
International exercise on (124)Sb activity measurements 2010
(226)Ra and (228)Ra determination in mineral waters-Comparison of methods 2010
IFIN-HH ionization chamber calibration and its validation; electrometric system improvement 2010
National comparison of (131)I measurement among nuclear medicine clinics of eight countries 2010
Application of response functions to make efficient Monte Carlo simulations of germanium detectors 2010
Intercomparison of methods for coincidence summing corrections in gamma-ray spectrometry 2010
A new model calculation of the peak efficiency for HPGe detectors used in assays of radioactive waste drums 2010
Comparison of triple-to-double coincidence ratio (TDCR) efficiency calculations and uncertainty assessments for (99)Tc 2010
The (222)Rn standard system established at IFIN-HH, Romania 2010
Participation in the CCRI(II)-K2.H-3 comparison and study of the new TDCR-LS counter with 6 CPMs 2010
Evaluation of (234)Th nuclear decay data 2010
Free Radicals Scavenging and Antioxidant Activity of European Mistletoe (Viscum album) and European Birthwort (Aristolochia clematitis) 2010
Mathematical Models Based on Thermodynamic Equilibrium and Kinetics of an Ion Exchange Process 2010
Evaluation of the Physico-chemical Characteristics of Leather Samples of Some Historical Objects from Kiev 2010
Analytical and Biological Implications of Complex Combinations of Hydroxyurea with Iron (II) 2010
Mass Spectrometry in the Analysis of non-ionic Detergents II. Quantitative determination of polyethylenglycole in commercial products 2010
Reactions of N,N '-carbonyldisuccinimide with Nitrogen-containing Nucleophiles 2010
New Thioureides of the 2-phenetylbenzoic Acid with Potential Antimicrobial Activity. III 2010
Evaluation of Electro Coagulation Process Performances for Decolorization of Alizarin Saphirol Containing Solution 2010

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